• Pixels (PIXEL) is a social casual web3 game powered by the Ronin Network, It involves a mesmerizing open-world game that revolves around farming, exploration, and creation. 

  • PIXEL is the native utility and governance token in the Pixels ecosystem, and used in the following functions:

    • In-game currency:

      • NFT Minting: All future NFT mints from Pixels will be in $PIXEL. 

      • VIP Membership: Users will be able to purchase VIP Battle Passes in $PIXEL.

      • Guilds: Users will be able to join a new social-fi feature (Guilds) by using $PIXEL.

      • Quality of Life Upgrades: Premium in-game features will be sold in $PIXEL.

    • Governance: $PIXEL will eventually be used to govern a community treasury.

  • The ecosystem consists of the following major systems working in conjunction:

    • Play-to-Earn (P2E): Pixels is innovating on web3 incentive design.

    • Farm Land NFTs: Player-owned house and farm in the Pixels metaverse. Land Owners have unique benefits associated with an ownership relationship to the land that is not found in other land interactions. More details here.

    • Customization: Pixels Farm Land NFT owners are able to customize their farm based on their progress in-game.

    • Web 3 Reputation: A novel system combining on-chain data & in-game data to understand the users inside of Pixels better.

  • As at February 8th 2024, the project has raised $4.8 million from 3 rounds of private token sales where 14% of the $PIXEL token supply has been sold at $0.005 USD / $PIXEL, $0.009 / $PIXEL, and $0.012 / $PIXEL. 

  • As at February 8th 2024, the total supply of PIXEL is 5,000,000,000 and the circulating supply upon listing will be 771,041,667 (~15.42% of the total token supply).

Key metrics (as at February 8th 2024)

Token Name


Token Type

ERC-20, Ronin

Initial Circ. Supply When Listed on Binance

771,041,667 (15.42% of total supply)

Total and Maximum Token Supply


Binance Launchpool Allocation

350,000,000 (7.00% of total supply)

Binance Launchpool Start Date

February 9th 2024

1. What is Pixels?

  • Pixels is an open-ended world of farming and exploration, built one pixel at a time. Gathering resources, advancing skills, and building relationships while exploring the story and quests woven throughout the Pixels Universe.

1.1. Project Mission & Value Proposition

  • Project mission

    • Forged for gamers, Ronin’s mission is to empower Web3 developers and players with a chain that is optimized for gaming. It aims to become the full stack infrastructure that enables success for blockchain games. 

  • Value Proposition

    • Pixels firmly believes that players deserve ownership of their in-game items and assets and that Web3 ushers in a new era of growth for games that make them hyper competitive against Web2 games.

    • Community is at the heart of Pixels, and its approach to building is unique. Pixels leans into Web3 to create functionality inside its game that could only exist in Web3.

1.2. Project Key Highlights

Pixels (PIXEL)

  • Transparency: The team does weekly AMAs and engages with the community often.

  • Experimentation: Pixels is an open and public experiment on the use of incentive design in gaming, dedicated to advancing digital ownership and incentive design in gaming. Pixels has a track record of building quickly and deliberately. Since its launch in 2022, it has released 60 public updates to date.

  • Community: Community is the strength of Pixels & the community plays a critical role in determining the roadmap and development of Pixels. As of February 8th 2024, has over ~150K daily active players and integrated over 90 other Web3 projects into its gameplay.

    Pixels (PIXEL)

Pixels currently has ~166K DAA and has onboarded over 1 million unique users. Pixels has seen tremendous growth since migrating onto the Ronin Network.

2. Token sales and economics

2.1. Token Distribution

2.2. Token Release Schedule

3. Roadmap & Updates 

3.1 Completed Milestones

Completion Date



2021: Q4 

Demo launch

2022: Q1

Farm Land NFT mint.

Alpha Launch.

2022: Q3

Play-to-Airdrop Season 1 launch.

Achieved ~30K DAU milestone.

2022: Q4

Chapter One launch.

2023: Q1

$BERRY Token launch.

NuCyber partnership & “A Second Realm” launch.

~100K MAU milestone.

2023: Q2

Mobile Web Support.
UGC Builder Launch

2023: Q3

Ronin Network migration.

2023: Q4

Mocaverse Collaboration

First Pets NFT mint.

3.2. Current Roadmap

Q1 2024:

  • Chapter 2 – The Introduction of $PIXEL

  • Guilds – SocialFi meets web3 gaming

  • Additional Pet Mints

Q2 2024: 

  • Caverns & Contestable Lands Update

  • Chapter 3 – Combat System

  • Realms – Player Created Worlds & Universes

Q3 2024: 

  • Chapter 4 – Farm Upgrades & Automation

  • Realms Scripting Engine

Q4 2024:

  • Chapter 5 – Generative Question & Exploration

3.3. Commercial and Business Development Progress

  • Ronin Network: Ronin is an EVM blockchain crafted for developers building games with player-owned economies; Ronin is the blockchain that powers $PIXEL.

  • Mocaverse: A network created to reimagine the web3 cultural economy by empowering unity in culture, governance, and growth; Pixels has tight integration into the loyalty & reward systems of Mocaverse.

  • YGG: The home of web3 guilds; YGG and Pixels are working together to onboard more guilds into Pixels.

  • And many more: Pixels has integrated over 90 web3 projects into its ecosystem.

4. Community

5. Appendix